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body recharging station



Club Recharge is a complete whole body recharging station and body education laboratory.  Your body is made up of approximately 40 trillion cells that each have a positive and negative electrical charge making it essentially a tiny battery capable of storing energy and when these cells lose that charge or are unable to store energy they begin to under perform the roles assigned to them and chaos ensues inside your body.   Club Recharge is the first wellness club that has actually approached the business wellness from the perspective of science and has researched and studied all of the available wellness therapies that actually improve the scientific make up of your body.

Each type of cell inside your body has a specific role and lifespan and are naturally destroyed and replaced as you age.  For example liver cells are replaced every 300-500 days meaning that your body makes a new liver about once a year.  Conversely red blood cells are replaced on average about every 120 days and intestinal epithelial cells are replaced appropriately every 5 days and those dreaded fat cells are replaced approximately every 10 years.   All of this means that your body is always naturally repairing, replacing and destroying cells to maintain your overall level of health. 


This is where Club Recharge steps in, cells that have a lifespan of 3 months need to be healthy for their entire life in order to complete the roles that they were designed and built to perform.  Red blood cells perform a lot of valuable roles within the body including to help build our bodies natural immune system.  Science has conclusively demonstrated that certain forms of  light therapies encourage the body to produce new cells, while certain magnetic fields recharge under performing cells and specific vibration frequencies help maintain your cells health.  

Club Recharge has designed our business around the science of how these therapies effect the overall health of your body. 



Wellness Pillars?

At most wellness spas, they concentrate on only one aspect of your wellness which leaves most consumers feeling better about themselves for maybe a few hours.  Club Recharge takes an entirely different approach from all other wellness businesses by introducing, explaining, and monitoring all 8 aspects of your wellness from your emotional wellness to your social wellness. 

It has long been understood that the more balance you maintain throughout these 8 pillars of wellness the happier & healthier your life will be and the longer you will be expected to live. When you begin to recognize how these wellness pillars affect each other and your overall health and happiness, it then becomes possible to make small changes or improvements to certain aspects of your life and achieve greater overall well-being. 

For example, maybe you’re a person that has tried to lose weight several times and has failed.  The reason may have more to do with the imbalance of your other wellness pillars and less to do with your food choices or your diet.  Weight loss is part of your physical wellness pillar, but if your occupational wellness pillar is in jeopardy from a stressful work situation, toxic boss, or workplace uncertainty, it will be difficult or almost impossible to stick to the weight loss process consistently.  Additionally, the stress incurred from those workplace situations will increase your body’s natural cortisol levels which will directly lower your metabolism causing your body to burn less calories, rendering your diet or weight loss plan worthless.

When two or more of your wellness pillars are damaged it can become crippling to your entire health and well-being.  An example of this may be a divorce.  During the divorce process your wellness suffers immensely all at once to multiple pillars.  The first pillar effected is your emotional wellness which can drive people to a depressive state, next your environmental wellness is dramatically altered when your home life changes suddenly, then your social wellness becomes affected as your friends choose sides, followed by your financial wellness from all of the costs and uncertainty of your finances.  Eventually this domino effect spreads through your entire wellness house damaging most every pillar of your wellness leaving most people with the ”who cares what I look like” attitude, or bartender pour me another drink which further compounds the situation.  You may eventually see this person weeks, months or even years later and think to yourself that they let themselves go and you would be right because they just don’t care anymore.


All of this is important to understand in the context what actually makes up the health of your own body.  The human body needs 3 basic things to perform well on any given day.  Those three things are proper nutrition, some form of exercise and good restful sleep.  The American population in general does not subscribe to any of these on a consistent basis.  Our nutrition ranks among the lowest, very few Americans exercise on a regular basis and most everyone does not get aqueduct sleep.


Each day,  inside your body,  trillions of cells are destroyed and new cells are manufactured.  In order for this process to take place your body needs essential ingredients to make trillions of these new healthy cells.  To accomplish this your body will require several necessary ingredients including amino acids, along with vitamins and minerals all of which you get through proper nutrition, which is the good news.   Unfortunately, the bad news is, that most Americans do not subscribe to a proper nutritional diet or even worse are currently depriving their bodies of calories in an effort to lose weight.  To further complicate the matter a large portion of the population are taking prescription medications, some of which block the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals while other consume higher levels of alcohol forcing the liver to flush the toxic effects of alcohol out of the body along with these necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Why does this matter?  Because when your body becomes deficient in vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E your body will be unable to effectively make new red blood cells, which are critically needed.  Additionally certain vitamins and minerals are dependent on each other as Zinc and Iron.  If your body becomes deficient in Zinc it will automatically begin to slow the absorption of normal levels of Iron even when taken in supplement form making your body deficient in Iron levels even though you are consuming recommended daily levels.   This becomes critical when you consider that the human body runs on electrical currents and these metals in our bodies are more effective at conducting electricity, for example in our brains as neurological synapses when an electrical current jumps from one neuron to another.


 Think of each of the cells in your bodies as tiny little houses.  When a cell is destroyed a new cell is built and the materials from the old house are destroyed.  Each of them will need new lumber to build the frame, new electrical wiring for the lights, new copper pipes for the plumbing, new drywall to make the walls, new shingles so that the roof doesn't leak and new windows to keep the weather out.  Properly built this home will live its lifespan with very little maintenance, but if there are no windows it will be very weather inefficient and without electrical you will not be able to heat or cool your home and without shingles the roof will leak.

At Club Recharge we believe great health begins with great cellular health.

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