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rhodium Membership

rhodium membership

$299 PER month

unlimited group plan


Our Rhodium unlimited family membership plan was designed for groups of up to 5 individual family members or friends to share unlimited access to wellness.   Each member receives the same unlimited access in a diamond membership for one flat fee. 

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(60 min) Float Tank Therapy

(30 min) Oxygen Bath Therapy

​(30 min) Full Body EMS

​(60 min) Full Spectrum Sauna

(15 min) UV Tanning

(30 min) Infrared Cocoon Sauna

(30 min) Infrared FitBody Wrap

(30 min) LED Body Contour

​(60 min) Hyperbaric Oxygen

(30 min) Lymphatic Massage

(30 min) Pessotherapy Massage

​(30 min) Muscle Stimulation

(30 min) Red Light Bed Therapy

(30 min) Blue Light Therapy

(30 min) NavoVi Cell Repair

(10 min) Body Composition

(10 min) 3D Body Scan Analysis

(30 min) Electrical Muscle Massage

​(30 min) Electrical Muscle Recover

(30 min) Biowave PENS Pain Block

(30 min) 185 Degree Infrared Sauna

​(30 min) Compex Muscle Growth

(30 min) Flex Doctor Muscle

(30 min) Hyperice Heat

(60 min) Hot Yoga Sauna

(30 min) Korr Metabolic Test

(30 min) Russian Stimulation

​(10 min) 6 Lead EKG Heart Scan

(30 min) Muscle Density Analysis

(30 min) PEMF

(30 min) Blood Flow Restriction

(30 min) Full Body Vibration

(30 min) EMS Pain Blocking

(30 min) Vacuum Cupping

(60 min) Weight Loss Evaluation

(30 min) Anti-Aging Wrinkles

(30 min) Red Light Skin Tighten

(10 min) Blood Pressure Test

(60 min) Hot Meditation Sauna

(30 min) Theragun Massage

(60 min) Hot Stretch Sauna

(10 min) O2 Oxygen Absorption

(30 min) Muscle Mapping

(30 min) Static Cupping

(30 min) Red Light Blanket

(30 min) Hydrogen Therapy

(30 min) Lung Training

(30 min) Compression Massage

(30 min) Red/IR Light Panel

(30 min) Microcurrent

(30 min) Cranial Electrotherapy

(30 min) Isavera Fat Freezing

(30 min) Vibroacoustic Sound

(30 min) Ultrasound Fat Scan